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05 December 2022

2nd Printing: Rx Racial Healing Book Now Available

After selling out, the 2nd printing of Rx Racial Healing: A Guide to Embracing Our Humanity, by Dr. Gail C. Christopher, is now available. If you missed the first run, be sure and order your copy today through AACU, The American Association of Colleges and Universities. Available digitally and in paperback.

Dr. Gail C. Christopher
04 May 2022

New Podcast: Answers to Questions About Rx Racial Healing - Episode H

Catch the latest episode where Dr. Christopher discusses the power of the word healing as it relates to racism and its effects. 

15 April 2022

2022 Spring Newsletter

Just out, the latest newsletter from Dr. Gail C. Christopher. Read the 2022 spring newsletter update here.

15 April 2022

Video Share: Watch - National Day of Racial Healing 2022

In case you missed it, watch this video on National Day of Racial Healing for 2022! Enjoy  

Dr. Gail C. Christopher
04 April 2022

Podcast: Follow Conversations with Dr. Gail C. Christopher

Questions about Rx Racial Healing and other programs offered by Dr. Gail C. Christopher and the Ntianu Center for Healing & Nature? Follow the Conversations... podcast, where Dr. Christopher deep dives on some of the most frequently asked questions about her work.